Integrating Okta Single Sign On (SSO) & ContactMonkey

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✅ Gmail ✅ O365 ✅ OWA ✅ COM Add-In

This article is specific to our Internal Communications tool. Looking to learn more about the Sales Tool? You can check out Getting Started With The Sales Tool.

Through the ContactMonkey and Okta integration, you can connect your employees seamlessly into ContactMonkey and allow users to securely log in to ContactMonkey through Okta Single Sign On (SSO). 

Integrating ContactMonkey with Okta SSO can enhance your account security by reducing the number of passwords users need to remember and potentially share. It also provides your IT teams with centralized authentication and authorization processes that provide better control and visibility over user access.



Getting Started

Integrating Okta SSO with ContactMonkey is available for Enterprise plans.

Before using the steps in this guide, you must have the following:

  1. The technical documentation required for Step 2. Ask your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or for this if you have yet to be sent it.
  2. A member of your IT team with Okta Super Admin permissions configure Okta as an OAuth provider for ContactMonkey.
  3. You or your IT team must have sent your Okta login URL, Okta Client ID, and Okta Client Secret. These are created once Okta has been configured as an OAuth provider for ContactMonkey. 

To send your IT team steps to complete step one, you must have the URL specific to the region your ContactMonkey account was set up in. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or if you need more clarification. 

How It Works

To integrate Okta SSO and ContactMonkey, your organization must already have a pre-existing ContactMonkey account. This does mean that the first ContactMonkey user will need to have full login credentials at first, but after Okta is configured, they will no longer have those. 

Your IT team must add ContactMonkey to your Okta tenant before using it. This is a light lift and should take 10 minutes for a teammate that is familiar with Okta. We have full steps for completing this that can be sent to your IT team as a PDF. Please get in touch with if you need this.

From now on, any new ContactMonkey teammates must authorize ContactMonkey to send campaigns through your email provider.


Step 1: Configure Okta As An OAuth Provider For ContactMonkey

This part is completed by a member of your IT team with Okta Super Admin permissions. To get the steps for completing this within Okta, please get in touch with This process should be familiar to most Okta administrators and takes roughly 10 minutes. 

Once complete, you or your IT teammate must send the following information to

    • Okta login URL
    • Okta Client ID
    • Okta Client Secret
    • Any domains you wish to be able to use ContactMonkey from the same Okta tenant as a comma-separated text list.
      • Example:,, contact.monkey

Our team will add these to our backend and confirm once complete.


Step 2: Connect ContactMonkey And Okta

Once the above steps are complete, you must log out of your ContactMonkey account (if you're logged in) and re-login by entering your email address and clicking "Sign in with Okta."

This allows us to detect your Okta tenant and connect it.

Sign in to your ContactMonkey dashboard.

After the first login, we will store your email moving forward. This is cookie-based, so if you clear your cache, you must re-enter your email!


After you enter your email, you'll be pushed to the Okta login page and will need to log in with your Okta credentials for your first log in only. 


Step 3: Authorize ContactMonkey 

To authorize ContactMonkey to send through your email provider, all ContactMonkey users must sign into their provider within their ContactMonkey settings. This only needs to happen once.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your ContactMonkey dashboard.
  2. Click on your icon in the top right-hand side, and select "Settings" from the drop-down that appears.
  3. Click Integrations in the menu on the left.
  4. Sign in to your email provider (Gsuite or Office 365)

Depending on your email provider, you will see either Gsuite Integration or Office 365 Integration:


Gsuite integration.png

MS integration.png


Frequently Asked Questions

What if we have multiple domains that should use Okta to log in to ContactMonkey?
No problem! Please ensure you or your IT team member sends all domains as a comma-separated text list to
Example:,, contact. monkey
How long do you think this should take?
Connecting ContactMonkey and Okta requires roughly 20 mins for you and your IT team, if not less. Some steps need to be done on our side, but if it happens during business hours, you can likely have Okta set up for ContactMonkey within 24 hours.
Can ContactMonkey users be automatically deprovisioned with the Okta integration?
Currently, no. If you want to remove a teammate's account, you must do so manually by following the steps in this article
Can I switch from another SSO method (Google or Microsoft) to Okta?
Yes, absolutely. 


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