Improve your email open rates: best practices

There are a few ways to help improve your email open rates, and they're simple too!

  • Add an Internet image to your email signature. This has proven to be our greatest best practice! It's really simple too. Here's how to do it for Outlook and Gmail.
  • Use great subject lines! Try to think what subject line would motivate you to open an email. Also, be sure to keep your subject lines short so they fit on a mobile device with a smaller display (ie. iPhone). 
  • Get to the point of your email quickly. This may seem like common sense but keep it in mind. Most email clients and mobile devices provide a small preview of the body of an email. This gives you a chance to catch your recipients attention quickly!
  • ContactMonkey Link Tracking. You may have seen that some recipients do not download pictures or display images and ContactMonkey doesn't know if the email was opened. But, include a tracked link in your email to your website, LinkedIn profile, proposal or resume, and ContactMonkey will tell you with 100% reliability that they clicked the link! Here's how to use ContactMonkey Link Tracking.
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