How does ContactMonkey's email tracking work?

Once you download and install ContactMonkey, you will start tracking emails automatically just by emailing as you normally would. Just compose an email and press Send. You will be able to know:

  • If your email has been opened.
  • How many times it's been opened.
  • When it's been opened.
  • What mobile device or email client was used to open it (eg. iPhone, Outlook 2010).
  • Where geographically it was opened (eg. Toronto, New York, San Francisco)
  • If your links were clicked (eg. a link to your website, a sales promotion, your LinkedIn profile).


  • If the person opening an email has images disabled, you will not get an email open. 
  • Sending an email to yourself and then opening it in the same browser will not trigger an email open. 
  • When you track an email, ContactMonkey sets a cookie so that you don’t receive Opens from yourself. 
  • If the recipient uses plain text email you will not get an open.
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