Why is ContactMonkey not tracking my Outlook emails?

Let's run a few tests to see if we can narrow down the problem!

Don't worry we will get to the bottom of this.

1. Can you please go to the URL below in INTERNET EXPLORER:


The goal will be to properly Sign out of ContactMonkey. So if it's signed in already, Sign out via the settings button. If it's not signed in, Sign in, then Sign out. Then please restart Outlook. We believe something is stuck during the Sign in process.

2. It may be a cache issue in Internet Explorer, although you may not use Internet Explorer, Outlook does for ContactMonkey. Follow these steps:

Open Internet Explorer Select Tools (via the Gear Icon) > Safety > Delete browsing history.... You can also access this menu by holding Ctrl + Shift + Delete.


Make sure to check Preserve Favorites website data and check Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and website data, then click Delete.

3. It could be that the recipient you emailed is not currently displaying images or has not downloaded pictures (our tracker is an invisible image/picture). More information can be found here:

4. Do you have an Anti-Virus add in for Outlook?

If so this Anti-Virus could be removing our invisible tracker before your email is sent. If you think this is the case you can normally whitelist specific tools like ContactMonkey to let your Anti-Virus know they are safe.

cmconnect.exe is the tool which injects our tracker into your email, once you whitelist this it should now be allowed to track your emails. Alternatively you can disable your Anti-Virus add in.

5. Is your default setting set to track all emails? You can track all emails by default. Click on the ContactMonkey tab at the top of Outlook.



Now click on  Preferences.


Is Track Email ticked? It should be if you want to track all emails by default.

Alternatively you can choose to track email on an individually basis rather than tracking all by default. When you compose a New Message click Track Email. It will look like this image below.


6. Has the ContactMonkey plugin become Inactive or Disabled? It's super simple to reactivate. Follow the simple instructions in this help article.

7. Have you restarted your computer lately? We recommend that you restart your computer periodically just in case some processes have become stuck in the background.

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