Does ContactMonkey work with Outlook Mail Merge?

The simple answer is YES! It's ridiculously easy. If you use Outlook's mail merge feature then every email you send via mail merge will be tracked by ContactMonkey! You can either start the mail merge from Outlook or from Word. Some Outlook users have found starting the mail merge from Outlook is more stable. You can only send 200 contacts in 1 email at a time in order for tracking to be accurate. Here are the step-by-step instructions to setup mail merge in Outlook:

Start the Mail Merge from Outlook

1. Select the Contacts folder containing the contacts that you want to send an email to.

2. Select the contacts that you want to email or apply a filter to your view so that only the contacts that you want to email are visible.

3. Open the Mail Merge dialog in Outlook:
Outlook 2007 and previous: Tools-> Mail Merge
Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013: Home-> Actions-> Mail Merge

4. Verify if the correct options are set for contacts. At the bottom of the dialog set the Merge options to;
Document Type: Form Letters
Merge to: E-mail
Message subject line: <whatever you want>
Press OK and wait for Word to start.
5. In Word, you should be on the Mailings tab. Now start to write your email. When complete, you can preview the mail merge, then send it on its way!

Your sidebar will start to fill up with data as your recipients open your email. If you sent it to lots of people it will be easier for you to see the results in our dashboard view. Click on the Get Intel button in your sidebar to launch the dashboard and see all the stats for your mail merge.
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