Using Salesforce Email Templates


Professional_Blue.jpgTeam_Blue.jpgSalesforce_Blue.jpgContactMonkey allows you to seamlessly integrate your pre-made Salesforce templates into the emails you send out. This feature provides another way for your team to use shared templates and merge fields when sending personalized or mass emails.

The first step is to make sure you have signed into Salesforce.

Creating Salesforce Templates

1. Log into Salesforce.

2. At the top of any Salesforce page, click the gear icon in the top right corner, and then "Setup" (Setup for current app). 


3. Click on "Email" in the left hand sidebar, and then select "Classic Email Templates".


4. If your team/company has set up folders for email templates, select the relevant folder from the drop down menu. You can also create a new folder for a specific team or project. Then click "New Template"


5. Select "Text" and then click "Next".

6. Now you can customize the template however you would like to! If you want to insert personalized fields for mass emailing, simply select the desired category under "Select Field". A special merge field value will then appear in the box below, which you can paste into the subject or email body.

Note: Make sure to check "Available For Use".


7. Hit Save.

Gmail for Google Chrome

1. Create a new email and address it to the lead or contact you wish to email. You must have the To line filled for the templates to work properly. 

2. Click the blue "Templates" button.


3. Your sidebar should switch to the following setup, at which point you can click "Use a template from Salesforce".


Then you will be able to see all of your template folders/categories. Select the relevant folder from the drop down menu. Your sidebar should then display all templates within that folder. Choose the template you wish to use and click on it.


*Note: If you have just created a template, click "Refresh Templates" before searching for your template.

4. Your sidebar will once again refresh to display the following options. If you have made the correct selection, click "Generate". 


5. ContactMonkey will automatically insert that template into your email and populate all mail merge fields.


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