I know emails were opened. Why are they shown as unopened?

There is a potential reason why this happens: 
  • The recipient of your email hasn't downloaded pictures (e.g. Outlook) or displayed images (e.g. Gmail) when opening your email. Pictures must be downloaded or images displayed for ContactMonkey to track opens. Also it would be helpful if you inserted an image into your email signature to increase your open rates. You can read how to do this here for Outlook and here for Gmail.
 However, ContactMonkey tracks the clicks of links in your emails with 100% accuracy regardless of whether the recipient downloads pictures or displays images. You can learn more about link tracking here.
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    Brian Teal

    I sent an email to another one of my Gmail accounts within a different domain. I opened the email and was able to see pictures in the email, have "view pictures" checked in settings, and it still doesn't show as opened. All ad-ware extensions and anti-malware is turned off for the Google and Gmail domains.

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    ContactMonkey Support

    Hi Brian,

    It's best not to test Email tracking to your own Email addresses as we block the opens from showing. This is to ensure accurate tracking.
    Hope this clears the issue up for you :)

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    Brian Teal

    Different domain name and not connected should still show, correct? I send from bria***al@wor***tions.com and to a***ty@gmail.com, totally unrelated email addresses. Does ContactMonkey pick up my other email address somehow and add it to an ignore list or something?

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