Does ContactMonkey work with Norton?


Norton has been known to cause a few problems with ContactMonkey. But luckily it's simple to fix!

You've probably received an error about "cmconnect.exe". I would like to point out that Symantec hasn't actually detected any malicious code in the "cmconnect.exe" file, it just has a low "Reputation" because it's a new file and is not used by a large number of Symantec users. Here's an article from Symantec explaining their reputation detection method.

Here's how you can restore and exclude this file in Norton Anti-Virus.

If you get the following screen, click "Options".

After clicking "Options", you should see the screen below. From here, click "Restore & exclude this file", then follow the prompts.

Norton should remember your settings, and exclude the "cmconnect.exe" file from future scans.

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