ContactMonkey Outlook Mail Merge stopping before it is complete.

Don't worry. We're here to help!

There is probably a problem with your data. These problems are most likely caused by mismatched double quotation marks in a mail merge data source document. If Microsoft encounters a problem during the Mail Merge it will stop. It's usually very easy to solve the issue. Follow the steps in this help article.

Still unable to send a complete Mail Merge? OK why don`t we try this Test?

Click this Csv  contacts file. Download it by clicking the arrow icon.

Now open Outlook and click File , then Import/Export. After that you`ll see these options. Select Import from another program or file.

 Now click Comma Seperated Values and then Next.

 Now try a new mail merge using these newly added test contacts. If it is successfully tracked it means Mail Merge is working perfectly with ContactMonkey.


The ContactMonkey Support Team

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