Help! My Send Later is greyed out

There can be a couple of different reasons for this.

1. Make sure you are on a ContactMonkey plan.

  • Send Later is only available to users who are on a ContactMonkey Subscription.

If you are not currently on an annual plan you can change to one via the sidebar setting by clicking the manage your subscription button.

2. You may be signed into multiple Gmail accounts.

  • To fix sign out of all Gmail accounts then sign into your primary ContactMonkey gmail account and then authenticate with the ContactMonkey sidebar.
  • Then sign into the secondary gmail address by opening a new tab. You should see the popup asking for it to be an alternative email address .
  • Click yes on this popup. What this means is your tracking stats are now linked across both emails under the same CM account.

However you can't use Send Later in the alternative accounts. Send Later will only be available on your Primary account (this is the email address which is signed into the ContactMonkey Sidebar)

3. You may have 2 Gmail accounts you'd like to use the Send later feature with:

  • Sign into your primary Gmail account, then sign into ContactMonkey.
  • Then open a new tab and sign into another google account.A popup will ask if you want this to be an alternative email address for ContactMonkey.
  • You should press No and then sign into ContactMonkey's sidebar with this Alternative email address.
  • Make sure to select your other google account when signing into sidebar.

You will now have a ContactMonkey account for each email address and you will need a subscription for each.

This means your tracking stats will be separate but you can use the Send Later feature with both accounts.


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