ContactMonkey is Disabled in Outlook


Outlook 2013

  1. In Outlook go to File >Info
  2. Select Manage Disabled Add-ins
  3. In the windows, select Enable ContactMonkey Outlook Add-in, click on Always enable this add-in
  4. Close Outlook and launch again

Outlook 2016

  1. In Outlook go to File >Options
  2. Go to section Add-ins 
  3. Select Manage Disabled Add-ins  From the drop down at the bottom of the window, click go.
  4. Check the box to Enable ContactMonkey Outlook Add-in, click ok
  5. Close Outlook and launch again


If the Add-In is being disabled automatically after restarted Outlook. Contact your support team and let them know that the load behaviour of your add-in is unloaded, alternatively, contact

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