How to format a .CSV for Mail Merge.

Heres a few tips to ensure you successfully upload your .CSV to Mail Merge.


1. Your First Column heading must be "Email". 

2.Ensure Excel is closed prior to upload.

3. There are a few different .CSV file types. You must save your file as the following: 
CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).

4. Ensure your .CSV file does not contain any duplicate Email addresses - You can check this by highlighting your Email Column Click Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cell Rules -> Duplicate Values.




5. Ensure all Emails are in the correct format, ie. has a .com / .org etc and the end.

6. Ensure there are no spaces after Column headings / or Email addresses.

7. Each column must have a heading.

8. Remove any columns not being used as a merge field.


Feel free to download our sample CSV file as an example below.


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