How to format a .CSV for Mail Merge.

Heres a few tips to ensure you successfully upload your .CSV to Mail Merge.

1. The First Column heading must be "Email". 

2. Ensure Excel is closed prior to uploading to ContactMonkey.

3. There are a few different CSV file types. You must save your file as the following: 
CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).

4. Ensure your .CSV file does not contain any duplicate Email addresses - You can check this by highlighting your Email Column Click Conditional Formatting -> Highlight Cell Rules -> Duplicate Values.


5. Ensure all Emails are in the correct format, ie. has a .com / .org etc and the end.

6. Ensure there are no spaces after Column headings / or Email addresses.

7. Each column must have a heading.

8. Remove any columns not being used as a merge field.

9. Use ContactMonkey's CSV validator to ensure it is formatted correctly. To do so upload your CSV to the ContactMonkey sidebar.

Capture22.PNG Capture1.PNG

Feel free to download our sample CSV file as an example below.


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