Step 4: How to Navigate the Sidebar in Outlook

Once you have sent you first tracked email it is now time to start making the most of your ContactMonkey sidebar.


1: Overview - Here you will have an overview of the person that you are emailing. You will see the last 3 emails that you have sent to them. A chart of that will tell you what devices were used to open and another chart that will tell you where the emails were opened. (As seen in the first image below)                 


2: Stats - In the stats icon, you will your most recent opened email. This is updated live so as people open your emails they will the sidebar will keep you up to date.

3. Dashboard - When you click the dashboard icon you will be redirected to your web browser where you will get a more in-depth look at your stats for each email that you have tracked.

4. Settings - In settings, you will be able to set your time zone, manage your subscription and connect to Salesforce (if on a Salesforce integration package). This is also where you will connect with Outlook in order to send MailMerges from Office365.

5. Help - If you click the help icon you will be brought directly to our helpdesk.

6. Refresh - By clicking the refresh button you will refresh the whole sidebar.

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