Track Aggregate Mail Merge VS Track Granular Mail Merge

When sending a Mail Merge using ContactMonkey, the sender has the option to choose to track the merge on a Granular basis or on an Aggregate basis. There are a few key differences between the two which we are going to talk about here.


- When sending you will not have the option to use Merge fields to personalize the merge.

- When viewing stats you will get an overall view of opens and clicks from all the recipients.



- When sending you will have the option to insert merge fields to personalize the merge (e.g. {{first_name}})

- When viewing stats you will be able to see the overall performance of opens and clicks as well as seeing each individual recipients opens and clicks.

- When sending on Outlook desktop (Not O365) it will take a longer processing time when sending to larger list (e.g. 1000+ recipients).


Both Aggregate and Granular will still include 24hr performance, desktop vs mobile stats, best performing locations, best performing links and social reactions.

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