Understanding Individual Tracking VS Overall Tracking




Individual Tracking:

Individual Tracking involves ContactMonkey expanding the distribution lists that are placed in the "To" field of an internal campaign, then delivering an email to each recipient in the list.


  1. Emails can be personalised using {{firstname}},{{lastname}},{{displayname}}
  2. Visibility on exactly who has engaged the email
  3. Understanding of open rates.

Drawbacks & limitations

  1. If you are sending to 2000 recipients, it will take roughly an hour to complete. This is a result of Microsoft's limitation. (called throttling)
  2. Microsoft has a limitation which results in the largest list size being roughly 10,000 recipients for individual sending. (Recipient counting also follows the same rule)


Overall Tracking:

When a communication is sent on an overall basis, ContactMonkey records the unique devices that have opened the email. Click here to learn more about how trackers work.

Why are unique device opens more than the number of recipients?

  1. A recipient can open the email on multiple devices. (Triggering multiple unique opens)
  2. A recipient can forward the email (along with the trackers) to another recipient or group. (Triggering multiple unique opens)


Note: Remember to Turn Count On!

Click here to learn about the importance of toggling Count On in your Overall Send!


Check out this video to learn more!


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