Sending a Tracked Campaign with Gmail

To send a Mail Merge with ContactMonkey's Chrome plugin for Gmail, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Click on the Internal Comms button from the ContactMonkey options in your Gmail inbox.


Step 2: Upload your CSV, or add your Google Group(s) to the recipient field. Please note all recipients will be moved to Bcc upon sending. 


Step 3: Add your subject line then insert your template by clicking the Templates button.

Step 4: Hit Send Merge to send your email right away, or Send Later to schedule your emails. 


1. When Tracking Overall is on, the CSV limitation is 3,000 recipients. 

2. When Tracking Overall is off, the CSV limitation is 2,000 recipients. 

3. When sending to Google Groups, ensure Track Overall is selected in 'Preferences' or ask your account manager how to set up your Google Groups for individual tracking. 


Check out this video for more details: 

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