How to Insert Anchor Links

Anchor links can allow you to link to certain areas in your email at the click of a button. These work well when using a menu or table of contents block at the top of a lengthy email. To implement these, follow these steps:

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Insert Link into Clickable Item 

Insert Link into Resulting Item

Video Explanation

1. Insert into a clickable item

Insert a link into a clickable item (button, hyperlink, menu) you want to direct to in the email e.g. #WEEKLYUPDATE. The links should follow this format #NAMEOFANCHORLINK, in all capitals. So, we are using a button in this case, #WEEKLYUPDATE - in picture A. In picture B, we use a hyperlink:



B. (Ensure Target is set to none)



2. Insert Link into Resulting Item

Now, we need to tell the email where the result should be. To do this, drag an HTML content block into your email just above where you'd like the destination to be.


3. Paste in this code:

<a name="XXX"></a>

You will need to replace XXX with the name of the link or button without the #, still all in capitals. So in this case, it would be <a name="WEEKLYUPDATE"></a>

Email Client Support for Anchor Links
Windows Mail(Windows 10) YES
Gmail (Web) YES
Gmail (Android App) YES
Inbox by Gmail (Android app) YES
Gmail (iOS App) NO
Apple Mail (iOS) YES
Yahoo! Mail (Web) YES (Web) YES (Android app) NO
Outlook (desktop) YES
Outlook for MAC YES
Outlook for iOS YES
Samsung email app (Android) YES


Check out this video for a more detailed explanation of inserting anchor links into the Menu Content Block!

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