How to Activate Comments in your Template

Comments allow you to get even more employee feedback directly from your newsletter. To activate Comments you will need to insert Social Reactions within the ContactMonkey template builder. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

1. Open the template in the ContactMonkey template builder.

2. At the top of the template turn on the "Comments" switch.


2. Click on "Rows" on the right side of the template builder


3. Click the drop down bar that says "Empty" and select "Social Reactions


4. Drag your Social Reaction where ever you would like it in the template.


5. Click "Content" and drag a text box directly above the Social Reaction, in the same "Structure"


6. Edit your text that will show up above the comment box.



The Social Reaction with Comments has now been inserted into your template. When you send this template and recipients click on the Social Reaction they will be brought to the comments screen where they can leave their feedback. You will then see the results of this in your Mail Merge Stats within your ContactMonkey Dashboard.

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