Navigating the Sidebar


Now that you have ContactMonkey installed and ready to use, you'll need to understand how to view and manage your email tracking through the ContactMonkey sidebar. This will look the same regardless of the email client you are using. 

The ContactMonkey sidebar should show up on the right side of your inbox, and has 5 icons across the top. To hide or show the sidebar, you can simply click the orange ContactMonkey swirl or the 3 dots. 


  • The person icon is for Salesforce integration only, and is linked to information (from Salesforce) about the contact you are emailing.
  • The envelope icon is your Stats. It will show the most recent emails you've sent, and give an overview of the metrics/stats related to each email. Your stats will be updated live as a recipient opens your emails.


    • 1x shows that the email has been opened once, and 1L shows that a link included in the email has been clicked on once.
    • If you click on either of those orange buttons (1x or 1L) it will drop down to reveal where, when, and how they opened the email.


    • The different colours represent different IP locations. This helps you quickly identify if an email has been opened in multiple locations, or multiple times in the same location. It is a visual overview of how much traction your emails are getting.
  • The graph icon will redirect you to your Dashboard on your default web browser. Your dashboard gives you an in-depth look at your stats for each email that you have tracked. You can also manage your in the dashboard.  For more information please read this article. 
  • The gear icon helps you monitor settings. In settings, you will be able to set your time zone, manage your subscription, and connect to Salesforce (if you have a Salesforce subscription).
  • The question mark will redirect you to our Help Center.
  • The arrows icon will refresh your email tracking and the sidebar. 
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