What Browsers / Email Clients / Devices Is ContactMonkey Compatible With?

While ContactMonkey would love to be available on all platforms and email clients, unfortunately this is not possible. 

The ContactMonkey Sales Tool is available on:

  • Outlook desktop application on Windows (PC) 
  • Gmail on Google Chrome 

Get started with one of these email clients here.

The ContactMonkey Sales Tool is not available on:

  • Outlook or Gmail on Mobile 
  • Outlook or Gmail on Tablets 
  • Outlook on Mac
  • Outlook on the Web (OWA)

ContactMonkey still track emails that are sent to / opened using mobile devices, Macs, OWA, or any other email clients (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). However, you cannot operate the Sales Tool or sidebar from those platforms, and emails sent from any of those devices or platforms will not track properly. 

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