My emails are showing 0 opens, but I know they were opened...

We track your emails by using what is best described as a ‘tiny invisible pixel’ included in the message. In order for an opened email to be registered, your recipient must have pictures downloaded (Outlook) or images displayed (Gmail) for incoming emails.  

This usually happens automatically, but some recipients choose to turn these settings off. If they are not displaying/downloading images, then their email will not register as opened, and you will see “0x” in your sidebar and dashboard. 


Image in Email Signature

It may be helpful to insert an image into your email signature, as this prompts the recipient to display/download images when they receive your email. This may in turn increase your open rates.

You can read how to do this here for Outlook and here for Gmail.

Track Links

On the other hand, ContactMonkey tracks the clicks of links included in your emails with 100% accuracy, regardless of whether the recipient downloads pictures or displays images. We recommend including relevant links in your email body as often as possible. 

Find out more here:

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