Navigating the Dashboard

Accessing the Dashboard

Your dashboard is accessible three different ways. 

  • Clicking the bar graph icon in your sidebar


  • Clicking "Open Dashboard" at the bottom of the stats tab (envelope icon) in your sidebar


  • Going to the following link in your web browser:

My Stats

The first thing you will see on your dashboard is a red button which will allow you to select the time frame you want to view stats from. Note that this selection will alter all stats and summaries on your dashboard to reflect the chosen time frame. 

YTD = Year to Date

Below this is the toggle for "Data Overview" and "Performance Summary". The former lays out all your email opens and link clicks, whereas performance summary focuses on broader trends such as which subject lines and links get the most attention.


Under Data Overview, you will see a graph of your email opens for the given time frame, as well as a statistical overview for all emails you have sent.


Note: This example is from an infrequently used account

  • Each blue dot represents a date or hour
  • The grey line displays how many emails you sent
  • The blue dots will reach the number of emails which were opened 
  • Data is arranged according to calendar day.
  • "Emails Opened" may exceed "Emails Tracked" if there are multiple recipients per email, or if recipients are opening each email multiple times
  • The "Opened" rate may exceed 100% if there are multiple recipients per email, or if recipients are opening each email multiple times.
  • The multiple opens percentage represents how many of your total emails were opened more than once


Below your general tracking metrics, you will see a table of the tracking stats for your most recent emails. You have the option to search for specific domains, recipients, or subject lines. The tabs at the top provide the option to select emails which were opened, unopened, clicked, etc. 

The yellow "Download Report" button will download your tracking stats as a .CSV file. For more info, read this article.


You can sort the emails displayed by the sent time, opens, and clicks. Clicking these headings once will sort from lowest to highest, and twice will sort from highest to lowest. Clicking on a specific email will direct you to a new page revealing more information about each open and click. 

  • The location is determined according to the IP address

For more info on why locations may be blank, why you may see a location that seems incorrect, or why the same location seems to show up for separate emails, please refer to this article. 

  • 'Normal' emails to multiple recipients will list all locations, devices, and open times, but will not link these to individual recipients (we recommend sending a Mail Merge in order to see an individual breakdown for mass distributed emails )
  • WebMail = Gmail inbox on a web browser
  • Using Gmail = Gmail mobile application

Performance Summary

At the top of your "My Stats" page, you will see the option to look at the Performance Summary. 

The main part of this page is a breakdown of your "Best Performing" subject lines and links. By best performing, we mean which subject lines / links happen to garner the most opens or clicks. If some have far higher open/click rates, you may consider sending more of those emails out to clients or prospects. 

Similar information is relayed for the most commonly used devices to open your emails, and the most common cities where your emails were opened. You may find "Unknown" or "Mountain View" are two of your most common locations. For more information on why, please read this article.

Mail Merge Stats

When you send a mail merge, i.e. an email specialized for mass distribution, it will show up both in "My Stats" and in "Mail Merge Stats".

  • If you sent the mail merge with overall tracking on, the mail merge will be displayed in "My Stats" the same way a 'normal' email with multiple recipients would. It will list all locations, devices, and open times, but will not link these to individual recipients 
  • If you sent the mail merge with overall tracking off, the mail merge will be displayed in "My Stats" as multiple individual emails sent to each recipient. 

An explanation of the track overall" setting can be found here. 

The Mail Merge Stats page is explained in detail in this article. 

Manage My Subscription

The "Manage My Subscription" page is where you can view your plan details and renewal date.

Additionally, you have the option of upgrading from a free trial to a subscription, as well as the option to change your license (e.g. from Professional to Salesforce). 

If you are on a Teams or Salesforce plan, you can create a team from this page, or add/remove members from the "Manage My Team" tab. More information on managing Teams can be found at this article. 


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