Mail Merge Stats

Mail Merge Stats are found beside "My Stats" on your dashboard. They are similar to normal email tracking stats, but break down each individual's interaction with a mail merge in more depth. Additionally, you are provided with an overview of the most engaged recipients, most common devices and locations, and most successful subject lines and links.  

For information on how to send Mail Merges, please refer to this article. 

Accessing the Dashboard

Your dashboard is accessible three different ways. 

  • Clicking the bar graph icon in your sidebar


  • Clicking "Open Dashboard" at the bottom of the stats tab (envelope icon) in your sidebar


  • Going to the following link in your web browser:

Data Overview (All Campaigns)

"Campaigns" and "Mail Merges" are used interchangeably. 

The first thing you see is an overview of how many campaigns you have sent, the number of recipients you have sent to, and the average percentage of recipients who open and click links in your campaigns.

The "Engagement Distribution Timeline" is a similar concept to the email opens graph in "My Stats," however it reveals email opens and clicks as a percentage of total email recipients. You can hover over each point to see which campaign they represent, as well as zoom into a specific month or timeframe by selecting a section with a click and drag. 


Below this graph is a statistical overview of all the mail merges you have sent so far.


  • Unique Opens: The number of recipients who have opened the email at least once.
  • Unique Clicks: The number of recipients who have clicked a URL in the email at least once. 
  • The device breakdown lets you know the percentage of recipients who opened the email on a desktop vs mobile. 

Recent Campaigns

Below your campaign overview, you will see a list of your recently sent campaigns/mail merges.

You have the option of downloading a .CSV file report of all campaigns. This takes a few minutes to compile, and then will be sent to you as a download link via email. The file includes the following information for each campaign:

  • Unique Opens
  • Unique Clicks
  • Desktop Opens
  • Mobile Opens
  • Number of Recipients
  • Open Percentage
  • Click Percentage

If you click on a specific campaign, you will see a similar "Engagement Distribution Timeline" and data overview that you see from all campaigns, but focused on the single campaign only. This will help you determine what time most recipients engage with your campaigns, and how they choose to engage with them. 


  • Unique Opens : The number of recipients who have opened the email at least once. 
  • Multiple Opens: The number of recipients who have opened the email more than once. 
  • Total Opens: The total number of opens across all recipients. 
  • Unopened: The number of recipients who have not opened the email. 
  • Unique Clicks: The number of recipients who have clicked a URL in the email at least once. 
  • Multiple Clicks: The number of recipients who have clicked more than one URL in the email
  • Total Clicks: The total number of URL clicks across all recipients. 
  • Clicks Per Unique Open: The percentage of recipients who have opened the email and clicked one or more URL.  

Keep scrolling and you will see statistics for the read time of recipients (i.e. how much time the email was opened for). You will also see the top 5 "Most Engaged Recipients." Clicking "View All" will reveal further details on when and where each recipient opened the email or clicked on a URL. 


Best Performing Locations: Shows you the country and city breakdown of where the recipients were when they opened the email or clicked into a URL. 


Finally, if you embedded multiple links in your email, you can compare which links were clicked more. Click "View All" to see further details on each link.


If you click the small arrow (>) on the very right of a specific link row, it will drop down to reveal who clicked on the link, how many times they clicked on it, and when they clicked on it. Mail_Merge_stats__6.png


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