Outlook Sending Preferences



If you are an Outlook user, you can change your default preferences for tracking emails and links.

Unfortunately, this is not an option for Gmail, although the options for tracking emails and links show up as little check marks above your new email when composing a normal email or mail merge. 

To access your ContactMonkey preferences, Click "ContactMonkey" on the Outlook ribbon in your inbox, and click the orange “Preferences” button.


We recommend checking:

  • "Track Email" for both Email and Mail Merge
  • "Track Hyperlinks" for both Email and Mail Merge
  • "Show Sidebar in Message Window" under the Email tab
  • "Recipient Counting (Aggregate)" under the Mail Merge tab


  • "Track Email" refers to tracking whenever a recipient opens an email
  • "Track Hyperlinks" refers to tracking when a recipient clicks a link included within the email body
  • "Click subject to search" means that if you click on the subject in your sidebar, it will pull up the email in question 
  • "Show Sidebar in Message window" allows you to see the sidebar when composing a new email
  • "Enable Sidebar resizing" and all the options below will allow you to alter the resolution, shape, and size of the sidebar in your inbox
  • "Recipient Counting (Aggregate)" will ensure that all the recipients are counted in your email tracking stats for mail merges that you choose to send with Overall on
  • "Track Aggregate Only" will set all your mail merges to send with Overall on

For more information on tracking with Overall on or off, please refer to this article.

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