Mail Merge vs Normal Email Tracking

Our tool gives you the option to track all normal emails you send out, in addition to a feature known as sending "Mail Merges".

A mail merge is an email meant for mass distribution, where you can set personalized fields such as "First Name" and "Company Name" to be automatically filled in with contact information for up to 1200 recipients. For information on how to send a mail merge, click here.

Both normal emails sent to multiple recipients and mail merges will be tracked, and will show up in your sidebar and dashboard. However, the way they show up is a little different. 

'Normal' Email Stats

'Normal' emails to multiple recipients will show up in your sidebar and dashboard as a single email. When you click for further details, you can see locations, devices, and time stamps for email opens. However, these opens will not be linked to individual recipients; they are somewhat anonymous.

Nonetheless, you can estimate which recipients correspond to which opens by looking at the IP addresses from your dashboard, or even the colors in the sidebar. Each color denotes a unique IP address, so it acts as a quick visual guide to whether these opens and clicks are occurring within the same office / are from the same devices. 


Main Pro: Quick and most intuitive way to send emails

Main Con: Data is not broken down on an individual basis (it is somewhat anonymous)

Mail Merge Stats

On the other hand, a mail merge collects overall and individual data for email opens and clicks from all recipients.

Mail merges will show up in your sidebar and dashboard as multiple identical emails to each recipient. This allows you to see where, when, and how specific recipients opened your mail merge. 


Mail merges will also collect general statistics for all recipients to determine the overall success of the mail merge. This information can be seen in the "Mail Merge Stats" tab on your dashboard, which is explained further in this article. 

The exception is if you send with overall tracking on. In this case, the mail merge will be displayed in "My Stats" the same way a 'normal' email with multiple recipients would. It will list all locations, devices, and open times, but will not link the data to individual recipients. It will only include overview data for email opens and clicks without an individual breakdown in "Mail Merge Stats".

For more information on overall tracking, please refer to this article.

Main Pro: Data is broken down for each individual 

Main Con: Requires well organized email contacts or .CSV files


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