Downloading and Importing the .JSON File

A .JSON file is an open standard format file, and is used to store and transmit data.

Download the .JSON file 

You may be asked to share your Email with your ContactMonkey Account Manager or someone outside your team, so they can make edits to the email.You may also want to share templates across teams. To do this you will need to download a file called the .JSON file.

  1. Open the ContactMonkey Email Builder
  2. Open the Email
  3. Click the drop-down arrow on the top rightsave_email_as_json.JPG
  4. Click Save Email as JSON
  5. This will automatically start downloading the .JSON file.


After following these steps, you can send the file to the relevant person. They will need to upload the file to ContactMonkey to make edits.

Import the .JSON File

When switching from another Email editor to ours, your account manager may replicate your newsletter to work with our easy-to-use software. In this case, you will need to import a .JSON file into your template editor. 

  1. Download the file and save it to your computer
  2. Within the ContactMonkey platform, click the Email tab
  3. Click Create New Emailjson.JPG
  4. Click Import .JSON on the right


     5. Select the file from your computer and import


After importing:

Your file will import as an untitled email. Remember to change the title to avoid confusion. More best practices can be found here.

Check out this video for a detailed explanation!


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