Outlook Desktop: Glossary of Terms

See below for a glossary of common terms used during the Sending and Tracking stage of using your ContactMonkey subscription. 



Track Email & Tracks Links
We recommend always keeping these turned on to get the best analytics for your campaign.
Track Overall On or Track Overall Off
Choosing your tracking preference is really important as you receive different analytics from your campaign depending on which one you chose. Sending times will also vary as they are both send differently.
Track Overall Off
Will send an individual email to all your recipients with individual tracking. It will take 1-3 seconds per email to send out, but you will see a much more detailed look at your campaign analytics. Sending with Overall Off you will be able to see exactly who has opened your email, how many times they opened the email, how many times they have engaged with a link and their last open details.
Track Overall On
Will send an overall email to all your recipients with overall tracking. It will send your communication just like its sending 1 email so all your recipients will receive the email at the same time. Sending with Overall On you will be able to see the overall opens and the overall clicks of your campaign. There is no individual breakdown of your analytics.
When Overall is turned off you preview the number of recipients you are sending your communication to whether it is a CSV file or Distribution List. We recommend you always preview your contacts before sending out a campaign. Previewing the contacts will also send you a sample email to your inbox of how the communication will look for the first recipient.
Import CSV
You can import a CSV file from your computer to send your email to. For best practices in creating a CSV please here or contact your Account Manager. After uploading your CSV file your name will appear in the To field as a hyperlink.
Design HTML / New Template
This will open your Template Builder directly from your Outlook where you create and design custom templates. We recommend opening the template on Google Chrome for the best results.
Import HTML
After exporting your template from the Template Builder. You can import the Template into your Outlook using import HTML button. Your file is usually located in your downloads folder.
If you have permissions (from IT Department) to send as another mailbox you can do so with ContactMonkey.
Shared Mailbox
 If it’s a shared mailbox simply click the From button and then Other email address and fill in the email address.
Full Inbox

If it’s another full inbox you wish you send as, simply click the From button and then Other email address, fill in the email address and ensure the Send Using its your account. We always send using the persons ContactMonkey account even if its sending as another mailbox. The recipients will only see that it came from From email address.

The To field will act as a BCC so no recipients go into the CC or BCC. All recipients go into the To Field. You can only send to either a Distribution List or CSV not both at the same time.
Subject Line
The subject line of your email is important as this is how we categorize your analytics of your campaign. Your communication will not send out without a subject line.
Merge Fields
If you are sending your communication with Overall Off. You insert a merge fields. If you are using a Template you can use the Merge field in the subject line or if you are sending you can use the merge field in both the body of the email and/or subject line.




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