Navigating The Campaigns Dashboard

Once you have sent your email with ContactMonkey, the next thing you may want to do is to see how it performed using ContactMonkey's analytics dashboard.


Access the Campaigns Dashboard 

To access the Campaigns dashboard, you can head here.

Alternatively, you can also click the dashboard icon from the plugin.

Campaign Dashboard View 

Once here, ContactMonkey shows your team's Data Overview for the last 3 months; this timeline can be easily toggled by selecting the drop-down menu.



The Data Overview shows you the total number of campaigns, the sum of recipients across those campaigns, the unique open % across all of those campaigns, and the unique click % across all of those campaigns. 


The Engagement Distribution Timeline shows you a graph of all of the email campaigns sent within the specified time frame, with the Open and Click rates on the Y-axis (vertical) and Timeline on the X-axis (horizontal). This timeline enables you to identify trends in the emails you have been sending.



To view the individual analytics of each campaign you have sent, scroll to Recent Campaigns, and you will find all of your team's campaigns, most recent to the top. ContactMonkey displays a quick view of how the email performed as well as the delivery details; by clicking on the name of one campaign, you will be taken to the full report. 


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