Best Practices: Email Builder

Ensuring emails are responsive and rendered correctly across multiple devices is of utmost importance in order to achieve a flawless reading experience. 

1. Naming the email correctly: This will help identify the email content when the team is browsing the teamwide email library which can usually consist of multiple emails created by a number of users. 


2. Settings: The settings pane allows users to preset their settings (font type, colors, etc) to remain consistent throughout the editing process. To learn more about settings, check out this article. 

3. Email Width: The default content area width is automatically set to 800, this allows users clear visibility across the Row and the Content area


4. Default Colors: Add Default Colors to the dropdown menu.


5. Font Size: Set font size to 14 px for optimal visibility across all devices and email platforms.


Why Size 14?

Campaigns will look different on mobile vs desktop, setting the font to 14 allows the screen to adjust while keeping the text readable! 

6. Line Height: Increase line-height to 2.


7. Rows and Content: Use as many rows as possible – each content block should be placed in a new row. This is important because when users view on mobile, the content will stack on top of each other, creating a more seamless user experience. 

8. Preview, preview, preview!: Continue to preview the email on both desktop and mobile throughout the design process.

9. Embed attachments: Attachments should be embedded within the email, instead of adding them as Outlook attachments.

10. Use Surveys to boost engagement.


11. Link your survey or eNPS to the question. Ensure it's just the question and emoji reaction/eNPS in the same row to avoid errors. It should look like this when clicked: Emoji_Merged.jpg

12. Always Test the communication to ensure proper formatting. Learn how to send emails here.

13. Using Images within Rows: If you plan on using columns with images, make sure all the images in that section have the same dimensions. Example below:




NEVER make edits to the email once it is inserted in the email body in Outlook, ContactMonkey will always send the latest version available online within the email builder!

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