Why can't I see a template on my ContactMonkey sidebar?

The last 5 templates that you have created will appear directly in your Outlook and Gmail. If there is a template not appearing there may be two reasons for this happening:

  1. You may have not clicked Save & Exit on the Template in the Template Builder or opened a new email in Outlook or Gmail.
  2. You may have been edited a template someone else created. Simply click the downwards arrow on the right-hand side before clicking into the Template in the Template Builder. Then click Replicate. This will create an identical copy in your name within the library, and will then become available in Outlook.
  3. Open the template online, hit the options button and export HTML email. This will download a file that you can use when hitting import HTML in the ContactMonkey sidebar. It will have the same end result as point 2. 
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  • For the last two days there is no Contact Monkey information on my screen... only a blank right space where Contact Monkey should be. This is on my devices where it should be. When I log onto the Contact Monkey website my information is there.  I would like to get it working the way it is supposed to work... on the right side of my screen.




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