Why is my Outlook add-in is failing to load?

Some users using the ContactMonkey web add-in for Office 365 may experience an error when loading ContactMonkey in the locally installed Outlook software.

Follow all the steps listed when you see the "ADD-IN ERROR" below while trying to load the sidebar until it can load. 


A number of things can cause this, and here are some troubleshooting solutions you can try:

  • First, check for and download any pending updates on your laptop/computer.
  • Check for and download any pending updates on your Outlook software, you may need to reach out to your administrator if required.
  • Restarting your machine. 

This error is only caused by your locally installed Outlook app if you do not experience this when using the add-in online at www.outlook.com. (Office 365 only)


If you try all of the above and it still will not load, please reach out to support@contactmonkey.com.

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