How to Compare Campaign Reports

In this article, you will learn how you can compare the email analytics of multiple campaigns side by side. 

Step 1 - Go to your ContactMonkey dashboard and select the new tab “Campaign Comparison”.


Step 2 - Search your campaigns

Select the campaigns you want to compare by filtering via subject line, sender name or email, sent time, or recipient email. 


Tips for filtering/selecting campaigns : 

  1. Subject line  - You don’t need to remember your entire subject line, you can just include keywords from the subject line.
  2. Sender Name/Email Address - The name/email address of the sender of the campaign.
  3. Recipient Email - The email address of the recipient who received the campaigns.
  4. Sent time - The time at which the campaign was sent. You can easily select based on pre-selected duration.


Step 3 - Select your Campaigns to compare

Easily choose the campaigns you want to compare by selecting the checkbox against each campaign. You can select up to 10 campaigns. 



 Step 4 - Compare your campaigns

Click on the “Compare Campaigns” button to view the results of your selected campaigns.

You can compare campaigns based on:

  1. Opens and Clicks
  2. Audience Engagement

and more than 34 email metrics.



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