How to Compare Campaign Reports?

In this article, you will learn how you can compare the email analytics of multiple campaigns side by side. 

Step 1 - Go to your ContactMonkey dashboard and select the new tab “Campaign Comparison”.


Step 2 - Search your campaigns

Select the campaigns you want to compare by filtering via subject line, sender name or email, sent time, or recipient email. 


Tips for filtering/selecting campaigns : 

  1. Subject line  - You don’t need to remember your entire subject line, you can just include keywords from the subject line.
  2. Sender Name/Email Address - The name/email address of the sender of the campaign.
  3. Recipient Email - The email address of the recipient who received the campaigns.
  4. Sent time - The time at which the campaign was sent. You can easily select based on pre-selected duration.


Step 3 - Select your Campaigns to compare

Easily choose the campaigns you want to compare by selecting the checkbox against each campaign. You can select up to 10 campaigns. 



 Step 4 - Compare your campaigns

Click on the “Compare Campaigns” button to view the results of your selected campaigns.

You can compare campaigns based on:

  1. Opens and Clicks
  2. Audience Engagement
  3. Read Time

and more than 34 email metrics.


5. Downloading your data

If you would like to export your data, click on the "Download Report" button on your Compare Campaigns page:


ContactMonkey will then send an email with the .CSV file with your specified data. 



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