Can ContactMonkey see all my emails?

ContactMonkey respects your right to privacy. We do not view or store the content of your emails- that is only between you and your intended recipient. We do see the subject heading, which is required to track your emails and opens. 

The data we see:

In order to provide the agreed-upon services, the following data is collected through the ContactMonkey application and client extensions.

  • Information about the device used to access our service
  • Information about how our service was used (eg. the number of requests to our service) as well as events such as device events like crashes etc
  • Other log information (which may include Internet Protocol Address or other information or identifiers that may uniquely identify your account or browser or device)
  • Information about your location (eg. used to identify your time zone settings)
  • Information about your ContactMonkey application version. When you install/uninstall or use one of our applications the service may send version information
  • Email subject lines, Recipient email address and/or distribution list names entered in the To and CC fields
  • Destination of Hyperlinks in order to uniquely track them
  • Cookies or other anonymous identifiers may be sent to your devices and may be used when you interact with our site or service

Relevant Resources

For more details, check out our Privacy Notice.

Unsure about your organizations policies around email tracking? Click here for additional guidance. 

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