Understanding the ContactMonkey sidebar


When tracking on an Overall basis using ContactMonkey, you will notice an option to enable Count appear within your sidebar. 


Send & Track:
Click this once you have your message finalized. The analytics will be shown in your dashboard.
Send Later:
Click this to schedule your email, if you don't want to send immediately. Please note it will remain in your drafts folder until it is scheduled to send. You don't need to have your device on or connected to the internet for this to be functional!
Preview Contacts
Choose this option to preview your recipients. 
Type: Individual
If you want to track analytics for each individual, choose this option. Note this may result in a longer sending time. 
Type: Overall
Use this option to track analytics for the message overall. In your dashboard, it will show up as one recipient. 
Tracking Toggle
To track your emails, make sure its toggled on. 


ContactMonkey recommends you to have Count switched On for all Overall campaigns. This works for Distribution Lists of up to 5k recipients. If your List has more than this, refer to this article.

Note: your sending time may increase by 1-2 minutes as ContactMonkey counts your lists before it sends.

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