Facing Issues? Start here!

1. Ensure your plug in is up to date

The most recent version of the ContactMonkey plug in is: To check your outlook version, go to our outlook ribbon:


2. Refresh Salesforce Cache 

If you are facing issues in relation to Salesforce and the ContactMonkey plug in, a quick refresh may solve the issue. To do this, go to settings ( the gear icon)  in your email plug in:


Scroll down and click on the orange "Refresh Salesforce Cache" button.


Give it a couple seconds to load, and you are good to go!


3. Restart Device

We always suggest shutting down your device every so often to ensure full functionality of Outlook. Try shutting down your device, turning it back on, and refreshing your inbox to see if it fixes any issues.


Our team is always here to help. Take a look at the other articles in our help section, or send us an email at support@contactmonkey.com.

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