Exporting Campaign Analytics into Powerpoint


This article will allow you to create a presentation ready Power Point, comparing up to 10 of your latest campaigns. Expand the options to get an in depth walkthrough of how to get robust data at your fingertips in a customizable Power Point.

Step One: Download your campaign comparison data

1.  Download the attached documents "ContactMonkey_Excel Template" and "ContactMonkey_Presentation Template" in the same folder on your computer. They can be found at the bottom of this article page.

2.  Close the PowerPoint file.Open the “ContactMonkey Excel Template” 

Enable Permissions for Editing and Macros. This may look like a tab at the top, or a pop up window. Enable_Editing.jpg


Importance of Enabling Permissions

Allowing all permissions to be enabled allows the Powerpoint and Excel to sync fully. Always accept the macros,content,link updates that are requested on the ContactMonkey Excel and Power Point sheets.

3. Open the Power Point, and click "Update Links".


You are now ready to input your campaign comparison data into the excel sheet. 

Step Two: Syncing the Files

Now, let's synchronize your campaign data to the excel sheet.

1. Download and copy your campaign comparison data 

Decide which campaigns you would like to be displayed in your custom PowerPoint slide deck. To select the campaigns, follow the instructions here. Then click the download report button in the top righthand corner:


From there, you should receive the .csv file in your email. Copy the data in the sheet, except for the headings. 

2. Copying your "Campaign Comparison" excel sheet

We suggest starting from the RIGHTMOST column in your sheet, under the heading “Link 5”, and dragging across the screen to left up to Campaign Subject Heading.



3. Pasting into the "ContactMonkey" Excel Template

In the downloaded "ContactMonkey Excel Template" scroll down to B34, in the table entitled " Campaign Details". Select the field B34, and paste in your campaign data. Your sheet should look like this:


Pasting into the ContactMonkey Excel Template

Don't delete the existing data- simply paste it in. This makes sure the data is set up properly.

4. Click on the "Generate Best Performing Links". Your excel sheet view will change, which means that the links have been updated. You are now ready to view your final PowerPoint!

Step Three: Updating your PowerPoint

1. Open "ContactMonkey_Presentation Template.ppt". Similar to the Excel sheet, click "Update Links", and "Enable Content". 


Your file may take a minute to load as the links are being updated and may look like this:


One the PowerPoint loads, you are ready to go! You may edit and delete pages as you see fit. If you want to save the file, remember to "Save as PDF" and edit that file name. Otherwise, your data will not sync to the excel sheet. Take a look at the final product below!




Feel free to check out this video below, as a member of our team walks you through the steps.


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