Creating a Team


If you have a Team or Salesforce subscription, you are able to create a team for you and other members of your organization. 

1. Once you have installed the ContactMonkey sidebar, go to your dashboard. You can access your dashboard by clicking on the graph icon on your sidebar. Once you're in the dashboard click on "Manage My Subscription."

  • Here you will see different tabs with various options to manage your subscription, view stats, etc.

2. Click on the "My Team Stats" tab. If you haven't updated your subscription, the following green button will appear. 

To upgrade your subscription please click on the "Manage my Subscription" tab and adjust your plan to either a Team or Salesforce subscription. Please make sure you add the correct number of users you would like to add to your team. Finally add or update your payment method and then click the orange button at the bottom that says "Change and Save Plan." 

3. Once you have upgraded your subscription click on the "My Team Stats" tab and then click on the green button that says "Create Team."

4. Once your team is created a new tab called "Manage my Team" will appear 

you should see your remaining and total license on the right hand side. To add team members and team leaders, click on the desired option: either "Add a Member" or "Add a Leader".

Before proceeding:

Make sure both team leaders and members have created a ContactMonkey account and installed the ContactMonkey sidebar. Users can create a ContactMonkey account by registering for a free trial here.  can create a free trial here. Once their account is created, the team owner will be able to add them to their team and y are added to your team, their subscription will change from a trial to a Team license.

3. From there a pop up window will appear. 


Add your users email, refresh the page and they should be a part of your team!

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