Sending emails from Outlook OWA using ContactMonkey

Read on for an overview of how to send tracked emails using Mail Merge from Outlook OWA.


Step One: Open ContactMonkey in a New Email 

Before sending an email, you will want to double check which email you  are sending from. In your compose new email window, click Options in the toolbar. Click the three dots, and select the "From" selection. 

Log into your Outlook online account, and open a new email. At the bottom, click on the three grey dots and open ContactMonkey.



Step Two: Configure Settings

From here, you should see the ContactMonkey sidebar. You will notice a couple different customizations for your email. You can learn more here. 


Step Three: Click "Send & Track" 


Once you are ready, click "Send & Track". Your email will then be sent to drafts, and send within minutes. 


OWA vs. Desktop 

Using the Outlook Web Add-In is always suggested. The OWA is automatically updated, and allows you the most functionality.


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