Add ContactMonkey to the Safe Senders List

What does this do?

By adding ContactMonkey to your safe senders list, you and your team benefit in two ways. Firstly, your recipients are able to immediately see the HTML code that is your campaign, without clicking " Download Image" for each image. Secondly, you as the sender are able to see accurate analytics for opens and clicks. 

Your IT team will need to use a custom group template to deploy a safe senders list, and then add ContactMonkey to the list. 

Deploy Templates

1. If the the Group Policy Template is not already deployed through Admin Controls, is you will first need to download and extract it from Microsoft. The links can be found below:

Outlook 2010: outlk14-junkemailtrigger.adm
Outlook 2007: outlk12-junkemailtrigger.adm

2. From there, you will need to deploy the Safe Sender List Template. Downloads can be found below: 

Office 2013:
Office 2010:
Office 2007:

Domain Controller Settings

3.Add the Safe Sender List template to your admin dashboard by going to your domain controller.

Outlook 2013 = Outlk15.admx
Outlook 2010 = Outlk14.adm
Outlook 2007 = Outlk12.adm

How do I add the Template to the domain controller?

These steps depend on the configuration of your Windows version. As well, the domain controller may be known as the Organizational Unit (OU). Refer to your Windows documentation for full instructions, or find more information here. 

4. After that, you will need to apply the Group Policy Template to your domain controller or OU:

Outlook 2010 = Outlk14-junkemailtrigger.adm
Outlook 2007 = Outlk12-junkemailtrigger.adm

5. In your Admin Panel, go to User Configuration, and expand the Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) to locate the policy section for your template. Below you will see what the policy tree looks like in Outlook 2007:


6. In the Junk E-Mail Policy Node, double click Specify Path to Safe Senders list. Click enabled in the options pane to toggle this feature on. Follow the steps, and then add "add"



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