Best Practices: Image Editor


Read on to get some best practices around using our image editor.

  • Ideal Image Size: They should be 750 px in width, the auto width feature will resize your images automatically to fit within the builder. 
  • Large images, wider than the available space, will be set at 100% width and will keep this ratio on mobile, using the entire device display width.
  • Small images, smaller than the available space, will use the image natural size to avoid distortion effects or blurry pics.
  • Don’t edit image size: We make the row as long as your image 
  • Always use high-resolution images: Compress your images for faster downloads on receiving devices
  • Max file size of 1MB for images 
  • Input full size images: our template creator will automatically adjust the size based on the content block it is added to//also allows full resolution
  • Banner/Header/Footer: We recommend 200 px
  • Same Image Sizes: When inserting a series of images, similar dimensions will create a more cohesive experience

Pro Tip: Toggle Automatic Image Resizing On

Automatic image resizing picks the best size for the image based on a combination of image width and available space in the layout

Automatic Image Resizing

This option allows extra customization, so your images can look their best on both desktop and mobile. Note that the automatic resize image editor applies to the content block, not the actual image   It allows you to:

  • Adjust a logo or graphic without leaving your template builder
  • Use larger images that can auto adjust to high resolution displays
  • Replace images, and have the new image adjust automatically to the content block
  • Smaller images: Will fit as is into the content block
  • Larger images: Will shrink into the content block dimensionCapture.jpg

Need more tips?

Check out our comprehensive guidelines for a full breakdown of  using graphics in our template builder.

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