Enabling Count in your Sidebar

Enabling Count when sending allows you to get an accurate picture of your recipients. With our new and improved sidebar, enabling count is on automatically. Read more to understand how to make the most of the feature.

To do so, open a new email window and select the ContactMonkey icon. Configure your send as per usual, putting the contacts into your CSV or your "To" Field. From there, select "Count Recipients (On)"


Once you have clicked it, you will notice a recipient count for those in your "To" Field. In our example, we inserted a distribution list with 4 email addresses, bringing up "4 Recipients". Clicking in the hyperlinked amount will open a new window that breaks down the email addresses.

What happens if Count is toggled off?

 In your analytics, overall recipients with "Count" off shows up like this, with 1 recipient:


While you are able to change the recipient view by clicking on the icon within the square, keeping count on allows you to skip this step.


Group Not Looking How It Should?

In your Count Recipients dropdown, you may notice an inaccurate number. If you will be sending to membership protected lists (groups with membership hidden), then the service account must be added to the security group with permissions to view membership in order to expand the list. Talk to your account manager for next steps!


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