Creating an Event


With our exciting new Event Management feature, you are able to create, embed and track events - all from ContactMonkey! Read on to find out how to create an event. 

  1. To create a new event in ContactMonkey, head to the Events tab in your online ContactMonkey hub. From here you can view recent events that you have created and also begin creating a new event. mceclip0.png
  2. Selecting Create New Event brings you to a window where you can input all of your event details such as start date/time, location, organizer and the event description.
  3. Once you input all your details you can Preview the landing page your readers will see once they click to register.

Once your event is drafted:

You may also download the ICS file from here to add it to your calendar. Find out more here. 

4.Clicking Save Event will save it to your Draft Events. The next step would be to embed the the event into your newsletter. 


Check out this video for more information!

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