Embedding Events into your template


When an event is created it will sit in your Draft Events until you embed it to a ContactMonkey template. The event will become live once you send it in a ContactMonkey email. Read on to find out the next step to have your recipients register and view the event.

1. To embed the Event link in your email, open the ContactMonkey builder and drag to the Event content block to your template. 


2. You can then search for your event by clicking the button. On inserting the event, you can customize the CTA button to register for the event based on the font, colour and shape.


Tip: Creating Excitement Around Events 

We recommend including some details for the event around the CTA button once inserted, as seen in the image below.

3. Once you send your email with the embedded Event, your recipients can register from their inbox, here is what they will see -


4. When they register, your recipients can then download the ICS file for the Event so that they can add it to their calendar:


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