Premium Feature: Using Custom Fonts


What are custom fonts?

Your organization may have custom fonts you would like to input into your template builder for a more customized look and feel. With ContactMonkey, this is possible! 


There are a couple things to keep in mind for custom fonts. Your IT team will be able to assist with making sure:

    • Recipients have custom fonts downloaded onto their computer 
    • All users (both senders and recipients) have full licensing for the custom font

Want to use custom fonts in your communications?

Contact your account manager or message us at Our team can walk you through the process. To implement custom fonts we require the following from your IT team:

  • Font file in .ttf format
  • the regular weight of the font 

From there, we will handle the rest!

Gmail Limitation

Unfortunately, Gmail does not support web fonts, or google fonts. It does support some of the typical web safe fonts such as Google Sans and Roboto.

Outlook Limitation

Please note that Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 is not compatible with any custom or web fonts (it will not retrieve a font from the web). It also only displays if the web safe font is physically installed on the computer. 

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