Understanding Emails Sent with Overall Tracking

Read through for an in-depth breakdown of the overall sent email report! An overall sent email report will appear on your dashboard when you send an email using “overall” tracking. 


Sending Information 

Subject: The subject heading you used for the communication within Outlook.

Delivered: The time your first email was delivered (REMINDER: Overall Emails will blast the entire email list immediately after sending and each recipient will receive it at the same time).

View Email: This allows you to view the HTML file you sent as part of your communication.

Sent by: The ContactMonkey user that clicked “send and track” on the email.

Sent from: The desired mailbox in which the email was sent from within Outlook (e.g internalcomms@contactmonkey.com). Learn more on how to send from a shared mailbox here.

Sent to: The title of the list that you sent the communication to. This can be individual recipients, an Outlook distribution list or a CSV list. Learn more on how to send to an Outlook Distribution List or format a CSV.

Event: The ContactMonkey event you have attached in the email.


Data Overview

Recipients: The number of people who have received this email. Questions regarding recipient count? Learn More

Unique Device Opens: The number of devices that have opened the email at least once.

Unique Device Clicks: The number of devices that have clicked a URL in the email at least once.


Engagement Distribution Timeline

By default, a 24-hour visual performance graph. Tracks when you receive opens and clicks on your email. The ideal end result here is an immediate peak in the graph showing we received the high levels of engagement at the time of sending - meaning we sent it at an optimal time. 



Experiment with different send times to gain insight into the send times that generate the most amount of engagement. The more time an email spends unopened in an inbox, the less chance there is of that being opened.


Unique Opens: The number of devices that have opened the email at least once. 

Multiple Opens: The number of devices that have opened the email more than once.

Total Opens: The total number of opens for the communication. 


Unique Clicks: The number of devices that have clicked a URL in the email at least once.

Multiple Clicks: The number of devices that have clicked a URL in the email more than once.

Total Clicks: The total number of URL clicks for your communication

Clicks Per Unique Open: The percentage of recipients who have opened AND clicked at least one URL in your communication.


Desktop: Percentage of devices categorized as desktop.

Mobile: Percentage of devices categorized as a mobile. Want to create a more mobile friendly send?


Read Time

This premium add-on feature allows you to further understand audience behavior by analyzing time spent reading the communication. ContactMonkey measures the activity of each recipient for the first 10 seconds after opening the email and have segmented this into these three categories: 

Glanced 1-3 seconds

Skimmed: >3-9 seconds

Read: >9 seconds

Don't See Read Time?

Read Time is currently only available for Outlook Users.


Recent Opens

This provides a list of the recent devices that have opened your communication.


Best Performing Locations

This provides you with a breakdown of the different regions that have opened and clicked on your email. To expand the list of cities within a region, simply click the country for a drop-down list. 


Best Performing Links

An overview of URL activity within your email. Any URL (whether that is a button, video, image etc.) that is embedded within the email will appear here showing you the differing levels of engagement of each. You can view who has clicked on it by clicking “view all” and then clicking the arrow on the very right of the URL. 


Employee NPS and Surveys

This is a great opportunity to enable two-way communication between you and your recipients. You are able to see the responses and comments in one convenient place. Check out this article to learn how to easily incorporate these features into your emails.


Your recipients will also have the option to add an anonymous comment alongside their vote and this feedback can be viewed by clicking the comments drop-down menu.


Be sure to reach out to your account manager if you have any questions about the individual campaign report. Happy Sending!


Check out this video for more details!

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