Lock, Replicate and Edit Templates

Under the "Recent Templates" tab in the ContactMonkey Dashboard, you get a birds eye view of all the templates that you and your team are working on. 

If we focus on a template that has already been created, we see:



The template was last edited for the "Support ContactMonkey" user, and was originally created by them as well. It went into the "Untitled" Folder. We can also click the Edit button to go into the template, and click the dropdown:



Here we see three options:


This deletes the template. once you delete a template you can't get it back!
This locks the template. Once this is selected, the template can only be replicated.
This creates a new template under the users name.

If we view the template of another user, we see that the same options exist. As a best practice, we would recommend locking a template you have created. This creates the following view- see the template of another colleague.


Rather than being able to edit, replicate and delete the template, another user can only replicate it.


When should you lock templates?

  • To avoid human error (once you delete you can't get a template back!)
  • To create and manage a master template, that you replicate out for each send
  • Avoid unwanted edits to your template 
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