Using Saved Rows

“Saved Rows” is designed to save you and your team time by enabling you to save frequently used rows for future use. This article will explain how to Create + Insert Saved Rows.

1. Open Your Communication

Select the Email you are currently working on by clicking the Email tab on your dashboard.

2. Save Your Row

Click to the right-hand side of your content area (the area highlighted yellow in the below example). You will see four, small, blue icons appear in the top right corner. sved_rows_icon.JPG

Click on the save icon:


4. Save Your Row

Name the saved row and categorize the row as either a Header, Body or Footer and click save. 


All members of your team will have access to the saved rows. They are not user-specific.

Here’s how to Insert Saved Rows:

Now that you have saved your frequently used rows, it’s time to insert them into your next communication.

Once in the Email builder, your Saved Rows are stored in the “ROWS” dropdown within the sidebar:


Simply select the Saved Row type you would like to insert (Headers, Body or Footers) and then drag and drop the saved row from the sidebar into the empty content row.

Check out this video for more info! 

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