Track Aggregate On vs. Track Aggregate Off




In this article, we will outline the difference between track aggregate turned on and track aggregate turned off. 


Track Aggregate Turned ON:

When you enable track aggregate ( by clicking the button and letting it go grey), you are tracking overall data. The analytics you see in your dashboard won't have the email addresses and IDs of those who click your email. Instead, it will be gauging how many devices have been opened.  For example, if you have Sarah who opened on their phone and their laptop, they will show up as 2 device opens. There will be no connection to Sarah as an individual.

Use this option if:

  • You want to send out a communication quickly- on our end, this sends out as one email so it doesn't sit in your drafts for long!
  • You don't need additional personalization in your template- great for communications where you want overall engagement stats, not individual opens and clicks


Track Aggregate OFF:

When you don't have track aggregate enabled, you are going to be tracking individual data. This allows you to have a more granular idea of engagements. In your analytics, you will be able to see opens, clicks and locations all connected to a particular email address. This option also allows you to personalize the email subject heading. By sending individual, you can also personalize the merge fields within your template.

Use this option if:

  • You want some additional customization in both your template and your subject heading 
  • You don't mind waiting a couple seconds per recipient to have the email sent out 
  • You want an idea of the opens and clicks per email address ( great for important or action required communications)

Check out this video for more information!

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