Using the Send Test Button on Office 365


Not ready to send out to everyone on your list, but want to check the communication? Not a problem! With our "Send Test" Button, you are able to do just that. To use the feature, simply toggle the sidebar in your Outlook: Sending a test email using ContactMonkey is easy and gives you that added peace of mind that your communications are going to be received perfectly by your audience.

Here are the steps you need to take to send a test email:

1. Within Outlook, open up your ContactMonkey Sending Sidebar.

2. Insert the template you would like to test by clicking “Insert” from the “EMAIL TEMPLATES” section of your Sending sidebar.

3. Create a subject line for your test email.

4. Click the “Send Test” drop-down option within your sending sidebar.

5. Click the blue “My Email Address” button to send your test email. You can also send a message to your "To" Field contacts.


Benefits of Send Test:

  • Using the Send Test Email feature is a great way to ensure that your readers are going to receive the message exactly as you intended it when you built the email template.
  • It also gives you another opportunity to proofread, giving you total peace of mind before sending it to a larger audience.
  • Using Send Test Email does not create a campaign report in your campaigns section nor does it contribute to any of your sending metrics. This means that you can send as many test emails as needed without having to worry about skewing any of your metrics.

Note of Caution:

Please note that certain features of your campaign will not be functional using the send test feature. This includes:

We recommend sending a test email for each of your communications. Give it a try, and if you have any questions or queries, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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